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We are proud to be one of the reputable and credible removal companies that have dual services, house removal services and office removal services. Our services are more than lifting many giant boxes from the first floor to the top floor of a building that will be your new office or provide manpower and transportation that carries the entire household items when someone moves to a new house. Our services are quite systematic yet practical. Yes, our services would ease your transition to the new place.

We at BMAV are known for our commitment to customer service

Baba Man and VanWhy are we confident to declare about the excellence of our services? The reason starts from our vision and mission. We value all clients. We are a humble man and van london company who listen to all of the client’s needs and what they do not need. This is what you hardly get from another company.

Our clients basically need two kinds of services: house and office removal services. From this needs, we have a holistic approach towards the clients since they have a specific reason for moving into a new place. Whether they want to have a spacious place for their family or the expansion of their business, we are ready to accommodate all of your thoughts and locate it into the right place at the right time.

One of our vision and mission’s is to provides 24/7 professional consultants by online. Besides online consultants, we have professional consultants that are ready to meet you face to face in our actual offices. Yes! Located in strategic places of London, our actual offices are easy to reach.

Call us, talk about your requirements, arrange the time, and one of our consultants would be ready for you in one of our offices near your area.

The consultant would talk to you with the right knowledge of removal matter. When you are confused about choosing one between two prospective places, our man with a van would gather all info and report to you based on your requirements then both of us can discuss together to decide which one is better for you. When you are in doubt about the new place, such as security and access, our man with a van would check the specific place and return to you with the report. This is also one of our customer services par excellence.

Established through our dedication for delivery and Efficiency

Then, how actually it works? We know all the places in London and all the areas from A to Z, thanks to our professional crew. Our crew’s extrovert nature makes it possible to gather many data from many resources. By this way, our clients could obtain the new place, the new arrangement, and the immediate action in an effective time.

As soon as the deal is reached, basically our man with a van would come in the right place based on your order. They would pack your goods following our high packing standards. The standards assure your goods are all safe and secure during the transportation.

In the new place, we would carry and lift all goods with care. Since we value our clients, we take care of all the goods like our own precious belongings. Then, we put all the goods in your desired places based on the schedule. The result of our man and van services is safe, smooth, and precise. This is where we get our name from.

House removal services london that take away the stress and problems you usually face!

House Removal LondonFor the specific services, like house removals, we have all needed technology and equipment’s, which can save our time as well as the client’s time. If it is needed, we can provide the forklift, so the client does not have to call another house removal services company. And if it is required, we can do the disposal of unwanted goods or waste materials from the removal activity.

As a reputable house removal company, we cooperate with the local government for the disposal matter. With this, our clients would not have to worry about them being charged for another disposal fee from the local government. Of course, the clients can sit at the new house and relax, while we are doing our disposal work.

Professional and Efficient office removal london services

Office Removal LondonFor the office removals, we have to conduct special process to ease the corporate difficulties during the removals. The special process is needed because removing an office needs so many details of planning, execution, and evaluation. With all of these in our professional’s hands, your office would keep running while we are doing the removal process.

And the best thing among all, we are doing our work with highest confidentiality. All information that may come in and out during the removal process would be regarded as strictly confidential. And, we can guarantee this since we are known as one credible removal companies.

The possibility of breaching the confidentiality may come from one of the office removal activities. Most companies would like to dispose their unwanted documents and anyone, including an office removal company, can make use of this moment. We prevent this to happen by reinforce the highest standard to our crews and we assure you that we never had a problem that can damage our credibility. Once you heard or read about us who actually works in the high standard, you may be worried about the budget. Then, your next question is: How much will your services cost?

We have an open door policy for low-budget services

The cost would be an important subject for an office since every penny counts. But, do not worry with us because our clients come from the small-medium scale corporate to a big-scale corporate. It means we can adjust our office removal services so it fits your budget. For your relief, our price is including after service support. So, you can get so many benefits on your budget. This also can be an advantage for a house owner since we are the same for house removal services.

You just have to contact our consultants and bring all the details of your requirements to the table. Once the approval is fixed, the design would tell its price. And if you think the price is out of your budget, we would adjust it until we shake hands on it. However, there is no man and van London based company who has a flexible price as our company.

Wish to seek the best removal advise?

Contact us, for the dual benefits that you can get from us since we have an excellent house removal services as well as the satisfying office removal services. Do not miss the opportunity!

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